Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mysterious Sign in "it's a small world" Appears

An it's a small world cast member has reported a mysterious sign carved into the wall over the boat service tunnel.We interviewed the cast member to find out more.

" I don't know man! Last night I was closing it's a small world and there was nothing there! The next morning like magic it was there! I thought it was dust, but after swiping that area with a towel for a hour it was still there. I brought a yellow sharpie to try to hide it! Even that didn't work the the sign stayed the same color! Man, I'm telling you this place is haunted! And I'm not talking bout the Haunted Mansion. Nah there's real ghosts here! "

Now what really is interesting is from security footage of that very spot. One second there was no carving and the next there was. Magic Kingdom Management had nothing to say about it other than it's a small world will continue to run as normal.

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